About us


'About That store is a heaven for sneakerheads and serial thrifters, stocking streetwear like Polo Sport and Supreme, as well as vintage sneakers, sportswear and other cool collectables. It’s a place where fans of the sneaker and streetwear subculture can meet up, share like-minded conversations and listen to a selection of music. A place that brings the community closer together.' -Thom Bonilla// Dope Koto

Opening in September 2016, About That has been an instant landmark in the Melbourne streetwear scene. By bringing the buy/sell/trade system to Melbourne, in a brick and mortar store, About That is redefining a common retail experience. We aim to bring the rare and hard to find items, along with garms and kicks that you can rock any day- all at a low price. 

Coming from all sides of the world, our team has grown to become one of vast knowledge, expertise and passion:

Coming from New Zealand, Heath provides an unbelievable knowledge of brands such as Canterbury, Polo and The North Face, along with unbeatable passion for the community, especially in Australia's hip-hop scene. From years of thrifting in both New Zealand and Australia, Heath has one of the sharpest eyes in the game to find hidden gems in garms, sneakers and collectables.

Melbourne born Tom and Kev have been involved in the sneaker and clothing scene for numerous years, injecting a strong passion after years of collecting and researching. With a particular interest in the 'OG' Tom and Kev both aim to continuously pay homage to where our scene has come from, paying respect to the original designs from brands such as Nike, Polo, Reebok and more. 

In 2017 we were extremely proud to join with Michael and Cam from Hobart as a new partnership for About That. From Polo to Air Maxes, these guys have it all covered, with an unbeatable passion and dedication, these guys have been involved in every aspect of the scene for years. Completely immersing themselves guaranteeing they have some of the best knowledge and style that Melbourne has to offer.

The team aims to continue to bring the freshest items at the lowest prices everyday. With a passion for streetwear, the team hand-pick every item that is for sale or on display; ensuring that About That provides an exceptional experience for all customers, followers and homies.



Left to Right: Michael, Cam, Tom, Kev and Heath